“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”
-Stephen King, On Writing

Hey there. This is my first blogging attempt, so hopefully you can find something worthwhile in its pages. Aside from academic papers, I’ve never set out to write for writing’s sake; it was always functional. As I’ve gotten older, something–in the back of my mind, ever more-present–has pushed me to start putting some of the thoughts in my head into some kind of order. “Being a writer” has been a distant goal for quite some time. One of those things you say. Someday. Well, I no longer want to keep putting that day off. Here you will find various types of writing. I will be adding to all of them, so stay tuned if they interest you. Ideally, I will keep getting better at this, and some more substantive writing will follow. Please feel free to leave me tips, criticisms, witticisms, plaudits, or feedback in the comments.

Howl at the moon.